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About Nigerian Economic Diplomacy Initiative

Global Business Matching Initiative

The objective of this Initiative is to use the global platform of the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs through its existing 114 Embassies and Missions, to match Nigerian businesses with business opportunities around the world. This is expected to boost both inward and outward trade and investment.

Aspects of Business Matching Initiative

The various aspects of the matching initiative are expected to boost both inward and outward trade and investment.

The Need

Providing a platform for global exposure of genuine Nigerian businesses and reducing credibility bias against them, would not only stimulate job creation and economic growth in Nigeria, but more specifically, provide international platform for businesses in parts of the country away from the established commercial and industrialized centers.

Online Comprehensive Database

The database, which will be accessible around the world through the various Missions of Nigeria, would include on one hand Nigerian businesses and the goods, services and opportunities they offer; and on the other hand, businesses that seek access to the Nigerian market.

Targeted Economic Missions

This strategy has a huge potential of facilitating trade between Nigeria and other countries in a more effectively and within a shorter period of time. Private sector entrepreneurs and policy makers in public service from the relevant sectors in Nigeria, will carry out economic missions, facilitated by the Ministry, on their own cost based on the interest of both countries(visiting and host country).

Ease of Doing Business

Doing Business in Africa’s most populated country is the gateway to the rest of the continent. With increased requests by potential foreign investors for a one-stop shop to access and engage Nigerian Businesses and with a population of about 200million people, NEDI represents the access gate to one of the largest business hubs on the African Continent.

Regional Collaboration

NEDI aims at changing the narrative of Intra-Africa trade which is currently at about 10%. Increased trade between Countries in the African Region will strengthen African Integration, facilitate development and reduce poverty across the region through cross border trade.

National Development

Improved Foreign Direct Investments in Nigeria is important for developing and emerging markets such as we have in Nigeria. NEDI will exports and sales of local goods and services. This will be of mutual benefit for the businesses and the investors. The initiative will facilitate improved local infrastructure, create jobs, encourage higher tax returns for the government, thereby improving standards of living for the people.

Trade Balance

The Government of Nigeria is making efforts towards diversification of the Nigerian economy into non-oil sources of revenue like Agriculture, Mining, water resources, manufacturing, tourism and so on which the country is endowed with. NEDI opens the gate for the world to buy ‘Made in Nigeria’

Nigerian Diaspora

This diaspora population are exposed to employment opportunities within Nigeria therefore contributing to Human Capital Development in the country through their engagement. Nigeria’s foreign policies are increasingly geared towards economic and political stability which will in turn reverse the brain drain which has ravaged the country for several years. NEDI seeks to engage Nigerian professionals to contribute to national growth and development.

Foster Industrialization

Developing human capital and reversing the brain drain will significantly advance industrialization in Nigeria.

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